Shannon Webster » Ms. Webster 4th Grade ELA/Social Studies

Ms. Webster 4th Grade ELA/Social Studies

         I am very excited to be starting my 11th year of Teaching! I have taught various grades at various schools in Stanly County throughout my career. I actually had another career working with Monarch for 10 years prior to deciding to go back to school and get my Masters in Elementary Education. I started teaching in August of 2008. My kids who are now 13 and 14 were then 4 and 5. 
       This year will be my 9th year at Aquadale! I have taught 1st, 2nd, and 4th grades since I have been here. I love teaching 4th grade the most because I love teaching about North Carolina's history. We live in such a wonderful state with rich history. I cant wait to share my knowledge with students. 
     When I am not in school and spend my time watching my boys play various sports from soccer, cross country, tennis, wrestling, track and baseball. They keep me very busy but I love every minute. I also own a pet sitting business that is really more of a hobby for me. Animals are a huge passion for me.
     I am looking forward to a great year! Always message or call with any questions or concerns! The quicker I am aware of an issue the quicker we can get it resolved.